Friday, July 2, 2021

7/2 BRP Update


BRP Update 7/2

Happy 4th of July!!! We hope you and your families enjoy the weekend.

A lot of progress is being made. Many of the same steps are being performed but we are now further along. Holes 4,5,6 are now complete through sodding. The sand is placed in the bunker but none of the sand is shaped to the proper depths yet. We will need to clean out some contaminated sand from sodding and re-distribute the sand to the proper depths.

We are currently working on finishing up drainage on #7 and beginning drainage work on #3 and #2. We hope to install capillary concrete on #3 next week. Our goal is to complete 7 and 3 next week through sodding.

The bulldozer is currently rough shaping #1 and the fine edging and shaping is being completed on #17.

We are now meeting our goal of completing 2 holes per week from here on to our significant completion of Sept 3. Currently we are hitting quantities, timeline, and budget with no major surprises. Long way to go, but everything is currently running well.

G&G has prepped the irrigation and planting on #18 tee desert landscape. We are currently waiting on plant materials to arrive. G&G has begun to top-dress the new sod on the completed holes with sand. This is done to help smooth the sod lines out and achieve tighter mowing heights. G&G has also begun trimming small trees in-house. The contract trimming of the large trees will occur in August. 

#1 - 2nd Fairway Bunker Being Rough Shaped

#1 Rough Shaping

Installing Interior Drainage #6 Fairway

#6 Fairway Drainage Trenching

#6 Front Greenside Sodding

#6 Front Greenside Sodding

#6 Sodding Complete

New Green Tee Being Shaped #7

#7 New Green Tee Ready for Sod

#2 Shaping and Edging Greenside

#2 Middle Bunker Shaped

#17 Rough Shaping Fairway Bunker

#17 Shaped and ready for drainage

#4 Sodding Being Completed

#4 Sodding Completed

#7 Greenside interior drainage installed

#7 Fairway with tarps covering fresh capillary concrete for curing

#6 Front Greenside Bunker topdressed

#7 Left Removed Fairway Bunker Topdressed To Be Mowed As Fairway

#3 Shaped, Landscaped, and Drainage Being Installed.

#5 Green complete to Sod