Friday, July 29, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/29/2016

Another productive week here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club. Landscapes Unlimited continued the drainage installation, currently wrapping up on 1 and moving to 8 tomorrow.  Sand mix installation has started, with the putting and chipping green, 10, 11 and 13 nearing completion.  Sod is scheduled to be installed around the putting area on Tuesday, with pre-plant fertilization and seed going down on Wednesday.  Andy's Tree Service was back on site, finishing up trim work on 14-16 and completing the last remaining trees on 6. Bartlett's Tree Experts were also here, finishing up the air-spading around the base of some of our mature trees.

The Agronomy department continued as well, with the third application of topdressing sand applied to numbers 1-13.  Next week should finally do it with the last of the old greens mix, with the remaining sand located on 15 and 16.  It's been a laborious and time consuming process spreading all the sand, but should really pay dividends moving forward. Sand capping and smoothing the tee surfaces continued as well, and will be ongoing for the next few weeks as needed.  Sod was installed on the new tee complexes on 1 and 3, and once healed will begin being mowed and groomed.  A large section of drainage was installed on the right side of 2, which should help that area tremendously moving forward.  

Putting and chipping green surface and irrigation being finalized.  Sod scheduled to be installed next Tuesday with seed going down next Wednesday.

10 green with new sand mix installed.

Sand being boxed out and smoothed on 11 green.

Sand installation beginning on 12 green. 
Sand installation complete on 13 green.

Gravel blanket being smoothed and finalized on 2 green.

One crew installing the drainage and gravel layer inside the greens cavity while a 2nd crew installs the SubAir outfall behind 1 green.

Drainage area complete right of 2 green.  Sod installation next week.

3 tee complex was sodded this week.

1 tee complex after sod installation this week.

Guillermo mowing in our new target green at the short game area.

Friday, July 22, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/22/2016

This week brought more progress with the greens renovation.  Landscapes Unlimited currently has two crews installing the SubAir out-fall drainage, currently finishing up 4 and beginning on 5 and 6.  Drainage and gravel blanket is being installed on 6, and core-out has resumed with 18 being completed yesterday and 9 currently being cored out.  That leaves 8 as the lone holdout, at least for the next few days.  Installation of the greens mix has begun at the putting green, and should continue on up to 10 in the next couple days.  Andy's Tree Service as well as Bartlett's Tree Experts should return next week to wrap up what they have left on the course. 

The agronomy department continued as well, with all fairways and approaches complete with their 2nd round of topdressing from the old greens mix.  We will begin our 3rd pass on Monday, with the hope of using the remaining sand within the next few weeks.  The large sinkhole along the right side of 16 was addressed this week, and once the sod recovers should be a drastic improvement to that side of the hole.  A crew has begun going through the tee tops a 2nd time, applying sand where needed to improve the surface and level any low areas.  Overall we have been very pleased with the recovery of the turf.

Pile of greens mix in the employee parking lot.
Greens mix being installed at putting green, which is starting to take shape.  Lots of water to help mix settle.
Old gravel taken out of greens cavities is almost completely removed from 4.
Out-fall drainage being installed behind 4 green.
Out-fall drainage being installed on 5 green.
Updated drainage layout being trenched, with drainage and gravel blanket to follow.
Core-out underway on 9 green.

Large sinkhole on right side of 16.

Lowering high mound on sinkhole 16.

Smoothing added soil to sinkhole 16.
Finished sinkhole on 16.  Supplemental fertilizer applied to aid recovery.

Solid tine behind topdressing on 4 fairway.

After solid tine but before dragging to incorporate sand into holes.
Sample plug taken out of 4 fairway.  Averaging almost an inch of sand in the upper profile, with channels of sand reaching down 2-3 inches.  

Friday, July 15, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/15/2016

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of July, and we continue to make progress here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club.  Landscapes Unlimited stepped up installation of the drainage system and gravel blanket this week, with 10-17, 2, 3 complete.  Outfall drainage for the SubAir system is currently being installed on 16 and 2.  Pioneer continues to ship greens mix to the parking area and we are getting quite a stockpile in preparation for install.  

The Agronomy department continued as well, getting a 2nd round of topdressing on 1-3 and the back 9 this week.  Drainage was installed in a trouble spot at the beginning right side of #5 fairway.  Multiple sink-holes were stripped, leveled and repaired on the left side of #14 fairway this week as well.  Tees continue to recover, and we will sporadically be topdressing and leveling as needed to promote smoothness of the tee surface.  

The pile of greens mix continues to grow in preparation of installation.
Drainage and gravel blanket installed on 17.  Notice the ring of pop-ups installed, which will assist over-seeding of collars in the future.
Drainage being installed on #4 green.
Out-fall drainage being installed behind #2 green.
Out-fall drainage being installed on #16.
Sink-hole repaired left rough #14.
Guillermo getting the 2nd round of topdressing complete on #18.
Drainage complete and ready for sod on #5 fairway.
Gomez fixing a mainline break at the short game area, which was an impressive 8 feet deep.

Friday, July 8, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/8/2016

It's been another productive week here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club. Landscapes Unlimited completed the sodding around the short game area, which came out very nicely.  They are wrapping up the irrigation installation around the putting green area, and after that will continue onto the golf course installing the collar pop-up loop.  Core-out is currently on hole #1.  Final sub-grade prep, drainage and gravel blanket is currently on #16, with the crew installing the SubAir exits on #14.  Greens mix continues to be delivered from Pioneer, with the pile in the employee parking lot growing substantially.  Andy's Tree Service continued tree trimming on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, completing #13 and beginning on #14.  That leaves #15, #16, and #17 left to be trimmed, as well as a couple trees that remain on #6.  

The agronomy department continued their work as well, finishing the first round of topdressing on all fairways.  We have begun our second application, completing 1, 2 and 3 this week.  With core aerification complete on all fairways, we have begun using solid tines behind the topdressing to help open the surface up further and incorporate sand into the upper profile of the fairways.  The results so far have been promising.  We also began installing drainage in some of our chronically wet areas, completing a spot on #8 and behind #11 green.  As with the sinkholes, this process will continue throughout the summer as time allows.  

The ever growing pile of fresh greens mix being delivered.

Core-out almost complete on #1.

Final sub-grade preparation on hole #16.

SubAir drainage being installed on #14.  The requirements of the SubAir system and the reality of our course elevation make some areas a challenge.
Directional bore under the cart path on #14 for exit drainage.

Weekly update on the progress of #10 tee.  Salvador getting a fresh mow on it this morning.

Completed short game area.  Once the sod grows in a bit more, the target green should be more defined.

Impressive recovery of #14 fairway following a topdress, solid tine aerification and multiple draggings.  Starting to see progress.

Guillermo putting down the second round of topdressing on #2 fairway.

Excellent picture showing the sand buildup on the surface as well as the sand incorporated down into the upper profile.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/1/2016

This week Landscapes Unlimited continued their progress from last week.  The irrigation is being installed at the putting green area.  The short game area is complete, with the remainder of sod scheduled to be put down Saturday.  Core-out continues on the front, with 7 currently being worked on.  That only leaves 1, 8, 9 and 18 left to be cored out.  SubAir drainage and gravel blanket is complete 10-12, and is currently being installed on 13 and 14. Greens mix is starting to be delivered from Pioneer, with a growing pile located in the employee parking lot. Andy's Tree Service continued the tree trimming, completing most of the work on the front 9 and holes 10-12.  They will be back next week to continue on holes 13 forward.

Bartlett Tree Experts completed the tree fertilization to assist with the health of our mature trees on property, and has begun air spading the soil that has developed around the base of some of our trees. This process removes the excess soil located on top of the crown of the tree, which can cause premature decaying, increased disease pressure and even death.  By using a pneumatic air spade, it can remove this excess soil without causing harm to the crown or roots of the tree.

The Pinnacle Peak Agronomy team also made progress this week.  All fairways have been aerated three times, with over half of the fairways completed with their first topdressing.  With the amount of sand recovered from the old greens cavities, we have enough sand for multiple applications as the fairways grow and recover.  This process will be ongoing throughout the month of July. 1 tee and 3 tee are both complete, with sprigs currently being grown in.  Work continues on the sinkholes around the golf course, which will also be an ongoing project.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe July 4th weekend.

1 Tee complete and sprigged.

Irrigation being installed around the putting and chipping greens.

Greens mix beginning to arrive. Plenty more to come.

Short game area complete.  With years of sand build up removed from the face, the short game bunker looks great.

#1 fairway recovering nicely following a month of aggressive cultural practices.

SubAir and gravel being installed on 13 green.

Sinkhole being repaired on #14.

Gravel blanket beginning installation on #14.

Updated and improved drainage layout planned for #15.

Bartlett removing the soil on the crown of the tree.  Notice how high the soil was?

Side by side comparison of the recovery of 10 tee. The back edge needs some help, but the rest has grown in fantastically.