Friday, June 18, 2021

6/18 BRP

BRP – 6/18/21

Been a busy 2 weeks again. The full train is finally starting to get going. All steps of construction have been implemented. Hole 4 is ready for capillary concrete on 6/18 and sod and completion on 6/22. Holes 5&6 are shaped, and drainage is being installed. Capillary concrete, sand, and sod will be complete on those holes by late next week. #7 & #3,2,17 is being shaped. From there we hope to go to 1,8,9,18, and then 10-16. We hope to begin completing 2-3 holes a week starting June 21st till significant completion on Sept. 3rd. We will be sodding roughly 30,000-35,000 ft of sod next week, and that trend will continue for the next 10 weeks.

Lots of dirt, pipe, wires, drain tile, concrete, sand, and sod moving around.

G&G continues to cut back oleanders from the cart paths, we are currently cutting back along the 13th. G&G also continues in-house landscaping of the deserts. Apart from a couple construction areas, 80 % of the front nine has been planted. We will begin landscaping on the week of June 21 on the 18th tee area.  G&G began installing the fans this week in anticipation of the humidity /monsoon. In addition, G&G is combining the blue and white tee on #5. Between the BRP and our in-house projects, there is a lot of big things happening. 

Plate packing floor of bunker #4

Rerouting irrigation lines around new fairway bunker #4

The backside of #6 green. Bunker and trees removed. Approach cut will be added to combine 7 black, blue, and white tees to 6 approach with expanded overseed.

Sodding removed fairway bunker on 1st bunker on right.

Sodding complete. Fairway will move to the right where the old bunker was.

Bunker behind #7 being filled in and graded.

Exit drain lines being run from bunkers

Amount of soil being cut and lowered behind #7 Green. All irrigation has to be cut and lowered as well.

#7 with the bunker on right fairway bunker removed about 50 yards short of the green. Approach and overseed line will be moved up the hill to the right to create a much bigger approach. 

Desert vegetation installed with contrasting walk path on #3

#6 Front right green bunker completed shaping

#4 front green bunker completed shaping

#4 with 2nd right fairway bunker removed and sodded and new fairway bunker on the left.

Drainage being marked out inside bunker

Drainage being marked out inside bunker

Interior Drainage being laid out

Interior drainage completed inside the bunker and ready for capillary concrete

#5 Green shaping completed. Left and back bunker removed. Front right bunker reshaped.

Back of #6 green with removed bunker

#7 Right fairway bunkers being rough shaped

#6 new fairway bunker on the right. 

New green tee being added on #7 

The collateral damage of digging - cut through 64 wires coming out of satellite clock. All is repaired and good to go.

#5 Blue and white tee being combined. Ready for sod. These tees will also be mowed into the back of #4 at approach height. This will be additional overseeding

Opened up an old green sump prior to the 2016 GRP to use for a bunker drain. Discovered the greens sump was not a sump but only a 3-foot tall venting pipe with nowhere for the water to go. Thus the old drain was backing up water into the green before the GRP in 2016. Unfortunately, this will not even work to drain the new bunker.

Fan post on #14 being reinstalled for summer.

#7 Green front left bunker being shaped with completed grading in the back.

New fairway bunker on #2 rough shaped

Capilary Concrete being poured into transport truck

Capilary concrete being placed into #4 Green Bunker

Spreading capilary concrete. Black pipe and flags are depth markers for liner

Capilary concrete trouled and rolled