Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Greens Renovation Begins

The course was closed Monday so that the Agronomy department could apply a herbicide to the greens and surrounds.  The main objective for this is to facilitate turf removal during the renovation as well as establish a buffer zone between the bermudagrass surrounds and the greens cavities during construction.

Above: the spray team applies the herbicide to seven green.  The drastic color difference is due to a heavy rate of dye, which ensures there are no skips or misses. This dye will disappear within the next few days.
Above: the spray team sprays approximately 36" outside of the collars, which will be the buffer protecting the green during construction. Once complete, the band will be re-sodded with overseeded bermudagrass.
The spray team utilized a heavy rate of tracker dye during application to ensure even coverage and to avoid skips.  They also used a waterproof board to protect outside of the target spray area, eliminating over spray.  Over the course of this week, you can expect the greens to begin discoloring and yellowing.  By the end of the week, the entire greens surface should remain playable albeit unsightly.  This was a necessary application to ensure smooth turf removal once the renovation begins.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Welcome to the Pinnacle Peak Agronomy Department blog.  Our intention by starting this is to open communications and to help keep the membership informed about things going on with the golf course as well as things inside the department.  Keep checking back as we will continue to update as things happen and time allows.  Thanks.

John Lambrecht