Friday, July 16, 2021

BRP 7/16

BRP 7/16/21

Well, it has been a rough 2 weeks. The storms have been making things a bit more challenging. We didn’t achieve as much as we would have liked, but we kept progressing forward. Many of the newly shaped bunkers or areas ready to be shaped have been too muddy to work in a few days. We also have had a lot of storm damage. We have lost 10 trees to the storms. G&G has spent several days cleaning up the course and has not been able to achieve much advancement on tree trimming and desert landscaping. The BRP schedule remains in good shape, but the window is now a little tighter. Landscapes Unlimited is currently evaluating the new to bring in additional staff to catch up and make sure the BRP hits its schedule.

Since our last update holes 7, 3, and 2 have been completed through sod. #17 was supposed to be finished on 7/17 but due to the weather delays will not be finished till 7/20. We have 6 holes complete through sod. Holes #17, #1, and #8 are shaped and the drainage is being installed. Holes #9 and #18 are currently being shaped and edged. If you would like to see some impressive dozer work check out the 18th green complex next week. We hope to complete #17 and #1 though sod next week and #8, #9, and potentially some of #18 the following week. If all goes according to plan that will give us 11 completed holes through July and give us 4 more weeks to complete the remaining 7 holes to be completed by Sept. 3rd. Landscapes Unlimited is confident they will hit the schedule but wants to ensure success by bringing in some extra staff and equipment.

G&G will shift its focus next week to aerifying the entire golf course. The following week we will begin verti-cutting and dethatching. Both practices will be a bit challenging given all of the construction, but we anticipate finishing in the next 2-3 weeks. Once these practices are complete, we will shift our focus back to landscaping, tree trimming, and topdressing the new sod around the new bunkers.

#7 Right Fairway Bunkers Being Sodded

#7 Back of Green Removed Bunker

#3 Front Green Bunker Prepped For Sod

#3 Back of Green Being Sodded

Large Rolls of Sod - Each Roll is 400 Sq Ft

Prepping Drainage and Sod #2 Fairway

Sodding #2 

#2 Completed

Rough Shaping #8

Completed Shaping #8 Left of Green

Expanded Fairway #8

The Challenges Of Constructions, Finding and Moving Irrigation Wire Bundles

Rough Shaping #9 Green 

#18 Tee Landscaped

Tree Behind #18 Black Tee on Road Lost During Storms

Lost Tree By #1 Tee

#2 Tee - Tree Split During Storm

#4 Pine Tree Left of Green 

Shaped bunkers with NO Drainage Holding Storm Water

Storm Water Being Held In Newly Shaped Bunker

#1 Shaping Completed

Shaping #18

#17 Right Side Fairway Bunker - Working in the mud

#17 Left Fairway Bunkers - View From The Tee

#17 RIght Fairway Bunker Finished Prepped And Ready For Sod