Friday, July 8, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/8/2016

It's been another productive week here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club. Landscapes Unlimited completed the sodding around the short game area, which came out very nicely.  They are wrapping up the irrigation installation around the putting green area, and after that will continue onto the golf course installing the collar pop-up loop.  Core-out is currently on hole #1.  Final sub-grade prep, drainage and gravel blanket is currently on #16, with the crew installing the SubAir exits on #14.  Greens mix continues to be delivered from Pioneer, with the pile in the employee parking lot growing substantially.  Andy's Tree Service continued tree trimming on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, completing #13 and beginning on #14.  That leaves #15, #16, and #17 left to be trimmed, as well as a couple trees that remain on #6.  

The agronomy department continued their work as well, finishing the first round of topdressing on all fairways.  We have begun our second application, completing 1, 2 and 3 this week.  With core aerification complete on all fairways, we have begun using solid tines behind the topdressing to help open the surface up further and incorporate sand into the upper profile of the fairways.  The results so far have been promising.  We also began installing drainage in some of our chronically wet areas, completing a spot on #8 and behind #11 green.  As with the sinkholes, this process will continue throughout the summer as time allows.  

The ever growing pile of fresh greens mix being delivered.

Core-out almost complete on #1.

Final sub-grade preparation on hole #16.

SubAir drainage being installed on #14.  The requirements of the SubAir system and the reality of our course elevation make some areas a challenge.
Directional bore under the cart path on #14 for exit drainage.

Weekly update on the progress of #10 tee.  Salvador getting a fresh mow on it this morning.

Completed short game area.  Once the sod grows in a bit more, the target green should be more defined.

Impressive recovery of #14 fairway following a topdress, solid tine aerification and multiple draggings.  Starting to see progress.

Guillermo putting down the second round of topdressing on #2 fairway.

Excellent picture showing the sand buildup on the surface as well as the sand incorporated down into the upper profile.