Friday, July 22, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/22/2016

This week brought more progress with the greens renovation.  Landscapes Unlimited currently has two crews installing the SubAir out-fall drainage, currently finishing up 4 and beginning on 5 and 6.  Drainage and gravel blanket is being installed on 6, and core-out has resumed with 18 being completed yesterday and 9 currently being cored out.  That leaves 8 as the lone holdout, at least for the next few days.  Installation of the greens mix has begun at the putting green, and should continue on up to 10 in the next couple days.  Andy's Tree Service as well as Bartlett's Tree Experts should return next week to wrap up what they have left on the course. 

The agronomy department continued as well, with all fairways and approaches complete with their 2nd round of topdressing from the old greens mix.  We will begin our 3rd pass on Monday, with the hope of using the remaining sand within the next few weeks.  The large sinkhole along the right side of 16 was addressed this week, and once the sod recovers should be a drastic improvement to that side of the hole.  A crew has begun going through the tee tops a 2nd time, applying sand where needed to improve the surface and level any low areas.  Overall we have been very pleased with the recovery of the turf.

Pile of greens mix in the employee parking lot.
Greens mix being installed at putting green, which is starting to take shape.  Lots of water to help mix settle.
Old gravel taken out of greens cavities is almost completely removed from 4.
Out-fall drainage being installed behind 4 green.
Out-fall drainage being installed on 5 green.
Updated drainage layout being trenched, with drainage and gravel blanket to follow.
Core-out underway on 9 green.

Large sinkhole on right side of 16.

Lowering high mound on sinkhole 16.

Smoothing added soil to sinkhole 16.
Finished sinkhole on 16.  Supplemental fertilizer applied to aid recovery.

Solid tine behind topdressing on 4 fairway.

After solid tine but before dragging to incorporate sand into holes.
Sample plug taken out of 4 fairway.  Averaging almost an inch of sand in the upper profile, with channels of sand reaching down 2-3 inches.