Friday, July 15, 2016

G.R.P. Update 7/15/2016

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of July, and we continue to make progress here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club.  Landscapes Unlimited stepped up installation of the drainage system and gravel blanket this week, with 10-17, 2, 3 complete.  Outfall drainage for the SubAir system is currently being installed on 16 and 2.  Pioneer continues to ship greens mix to the parking area and we are getting quite a stockpile in preparation for install.  

The Agronomy department continued as well, getting a 2nd round of topdressing on 1-3 and the back 9 this week.  Drainage was installed in a trouble spot at the beginning right side of #5 fairway.  Multiple sink-holes were stripped, leveled and repaired on the left side of #14 fairway this week as well.  Tees continue to recover, and we will sporadically be topdressing and leveling as needed to promote smoothness of the tee surface.  

The pile of greens mix continues to grow in preparation of installation.
Drainage and gravel blanket installed on 17.  Notice the ring of pop-ups installed, which will assist over-seeding of collars in the future.
Drainage being installed on #4 green.
Out-fall drainage being installed behind #2 green.
Out-fall drainage being installed on #16.
Sink-hole repaired left rough #14.
Guillermo getting the 2nd round of topdressing complete on #18.
Drainage complete and ready for sod on #5 fairway.
Gomez fixing a mainline break at the short game area, which was an impressive 8 feet deep.