Friday, August 13, 2021

BRP 8/13/21

Well things were moving well, then it rained another 1.5 inches. We have made up the lost time from the monsoon storms in late July and are back on schedule. The rain event, 8/11, has delayed us a little bit this week again. We don’t anticipate much of a disruption and are anticipating meeting the project significate completion date of Sept 3rd.

The week of 8/2 we completed holes 8,9,18, and 10. The week of 8/9 we completed #11 and most of #12. Due to the rain on 8/11, we were not able to meet our goal of finishing 12 & 13. We do anticipate finishing 12,13,14 the week of 8/16 and finishing 15 & 16 the week of 8/23. This will still meet our goal of significant completion by Sept 3rd.

Currently, we are meeting schedule and budget. There have been no major surprises or change orders to date, nor are there any critical items pending that we foresee derailing the project at this point. Granted the weather cooperates over the next several weeks. Little ways to go yet, but things are looking great.

G&G has finished our summer cultural practices of dethatching and verticutting. Much of our focus will now shift to cleaning, healing, and growing in all the new areas around the bunkers in preparation for overseed. We will spend a lot of time topdressing and mending the new sod to the existing sod.

G&G continue to landscape and vegetate the open desert areas. We have now completed the 15th and 16th tee and are also preparing the 14th and 13th tee for plants. Like many things these days, plants have been harder to get from our vendors.  To be safe, we have shifted primary focus to the tee areas in case we are unable to secure enough plant materials for all the areas surrounding the golf course. Tthe recent storms have impacted our in-house projects, particularly the desert vegetation plan. G&G has also resumed our in-house tree trimming. Our larger contract tree trimming has been pushed back due to the recent storms and a backlog for the tree service. We anticipate the remainder of the large tree trimming to be completed in September.

#1 Finished

#9 Finished Through Sod

Pouring Capilary Concrete #10 Righ Greenside Bunker

#10 Prepped Ready For Sod

Sodding #10

Sodding #10

#11 Shapeed

#11 Pouring Capilary Concrete

#11 Black, Blue, and White Tee Combined And Tied To Back Of #10 Greens

#11 Being Sodded

#11 Tee Sodded

#10 to #11 Turf Expanded. 

#12 Ready For Sod

#12 Front of Green Being Sodded

#12 New Right Fairway Bunker Sodded

#14 Fairway Bunker Close to the Green, Irrigatioin Pipe Was Under The Bunker

Landscape Install #15 Tee

#15 Landscape Finished

#16 Tee Landscaped Finished

#18 Green Mound Sodded

Practice Bunker Ready for Capilary Concrete and Sod

Practice Bunker Finished And Being Fertilized.