Friday, June 17, 2016

G.R.P. Update 6/17/2016

It's been another fantastic week of progress here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club.  Landscapes Unlimited has made fantastic progress with the greens renovation, with all greens cored out with the exception of 4-9, 1 and 18.  Shaping of the sub-grade for the new practice putting and chipping greens is complete, with moisture barrier, drainage, collar irrigation and gravel layer being installed on the putting green.  Currently, we are on schedule with the construction timeline. The new retaining walls installed on tee complexes #1 and #3 is almost complete, with the stone cap scheduled to be installed within the next day or two.  

The Agronomy department has also had a very busy week.  Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures, the tee clean-up and sand-capping crews have completed all tees on the golf course.  They are being fertilized bi-weekly to encourage growth and the first tees that were completed are showing promising progress.  De-thatching of the rough and fairways has been completed, with an impressive pile of debris accumulated off of hole #4.  Initial aerification pass of the fairways is also complete, with the majority of the front 9 fairways completed with their second pass.  Aerification of the rough has also begun, utilizing our vintage and timeless 1966 Ford tractor. The expectation is to complete the rough in about a week and to do multiple aerifications throughout the Summer.  

Gravel blanket and drainage being installed on the practice facility.
#4 Green starting to be cored out
Core-out process complete on #2 Green
Retaining wall almost complete on #1 tee.
Retaining wall almost complete on #3 tee.
Re-growth of Bermudagrass on #10 tee. 
Crew finishing sand-capping of #18 tee.
Debris pile located on #4.  Should start to diminish as tee work has finished.
Juan getting the rough aerified atop the legend.