Friday, June 10, 2016

G.R.P. Update 6/10/2016

It's been another productive week here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club.  All greens have been sod-cut, with turf removal finishing up through 17 and beginning on 2.  Core-out has been completed on holes 10-14 with 15 and 16 close behind.  The putting green area is currently being graded and is beginning to take shape. Preliminary soil work of the chipping green has also started, with additional shaping work to be done over the next week as excess fill material is harvested from the putting green area.  

On the agronomic side, de-thatching and aerification of fairways has been completed through hole 13.  This first round of cultural practices should be wrapped up next week, just in time to start over and begin fairway aerification for a 2nd time as health of the turf allows.  Tee tops have been stripped and aerified through hole 8, with sand-capping completed through 6.  There's been an encouraging amount of new leaf tissue on the tees we completed last week, which will continue to be fertilized weekly to encourage growth. Green and tee surrounds are still recovering from last winter's overseed and recent cultural practices, but have also shown progress and greening over the course of the week.

12 green cored out to sub-grade and drainage trenches exposed.

13 green cored out to sub-grade with drainage trenches exposed.

15 green lower sand profile and gravel layer being excavated.
16 green sand profile being excavated for future topdressing on fairways.

Initial incomplete grading of chipping area.  Will begin to take better shape as fill material is removed and brought over from the putting green area.

Initial shaping of the new, enlarged putting green with chipping area in the background.

Filemon breaking plugs on 13 fairway for faster cleanup.

Turf recovery on 10 tee approximately one week after sand-capping.

Francisco applying sand to 7 tee.