Friday, April 28, 2017

May 2017

It's been a busy winter season here at Pinnacle Peak Country Club, and with the conclusion of the El Cannip Championship last weekend, it's time to look toward a busy and productive summer.  The Agronomy department has a full list of items to tackle this summer, and we will be updating this blog monthly to help keep our membership informed of the things happening on the golf course.  

First and foremost, the golf course will be closed May 8th and 9th so our team can perform an aerification on our greens.  The chipping green was tested April 24th and went exceptionally well, with significant healing taking place during the week.  We expect the course to respond the same way with conditions quickly improving as the greens recover.  Although disruptive, this is an absolutely crucial practice for the longevity and health of the greens surface.  Please see the article below which helps describe the benefits and importance of aerification.

Looking further out, you might see our tree trimming crew and chipping machine on the course throughout the month of May as we make our way around the golf course trimming, lifting and thinning some of the smaller species throughout the property.  This will be ongoing as time allows.  We will also begin raising and leveling many of the drainage boxes throughout the course, a project that was started last summer.  In addition, the department has an ever growing list of areas marked for either drainage installation or repair.  We completed a significant amount of drainage last summer, with improved conditions where installed and we will continue this moving forward.  

Around mid-May, we will be applying a transition product to the overseeded areas to facilitate our change from winter ryegrass back to summer bermudagrass.  It is encouraging to see the ever increasing stand of bermuda currently in our short grass, and the use of this gentler product will hopefully allow for a slower, less dramatic transition.  

Lastly, we'd like to address the ball marks on our greens.  While our young greens have matured and firmed throughout the winter, ball marks are still noticeable and remain a top concern on our putting surfaces.  We cannot stress enough not only the importance of each and every member actively repairing their pitch marks as they happen, but also the act of fixing them CORRECTLY.  Please see the video below, which excellently describes the correct way to repair a ball mark.  If every golfer committed to properly fixing their mark and one other, the greens would improve dramatically, ensuring our putting surfaces remain some of the best in the valley.