Wednesday, September 7, 2016

G.R.P. Update 9/6/2016

Construction is beginning to wind down, as all greens have been completed and seeded.  Landscape's focus is now on the drainage project on #4 and #5.  The large retention area has been widened and deepened to include the turf area around the ladies tee on #5.  This should allow the sediment brought onto the property via the spillway on Pinnacle Peak Road to slow down and settle out.  As the retention fills with water, a large concrete overflow box will be installed to allow water to move through a 12" pipe that was placed under the turf directing the water into the swell between 7 tee and 4 green.  The turf has been removed in the swell to create an arroyo that goes from the black tee on 7 down to the secondary retention located in front of the tees on 7.  This second retention was also widened and reshaped to direct water in one direction going across 4 fairway. Here is a second opportunity for sediment to slow down and fall out before flowing into a second concrete overflow box that will be installed to move the water through another 12" pipe installed under 4 fairway and off property.

While large amounts of water will still flow above ground through the arroyo and across 4 fairway, this will help direct the slower rain events away from playable areas, mainly 4 fairway, and minimize the damage we receive when these large rain events occur.  It will also help cleanup, as we can now pump water through the pipes instead of across turf when repairing the damage. This should be a huge improvement to the area and help keep excessive sediment off of turf areas, which has been a reoccurring problem in the past.

Grow-in of the greens is coming along nicely.  The practice area, which was seeded first, was mowed for the first time today. 10-16 and 3-7 are being rolled every other day to promote smoothness. These greens should also be ready for first cut within the next week or so.  All greens are on a fertilizer program that will continue to encourage growth.

Putting green filling in. First cut was yesterday.
13 green almost ready for first cut.

Newly shaped and sodded transition from 8 green to 9 tee.

Reshaped retention right of 4 fairway. Notice the 12" pipe leading under the fairway on 4.

New arroyo between 4 fairway and 7 tee.

Reshaping the large retention on 5 tee.

Reshaping and extension of large retention on 5 tee. The front of 5 fairway was slightly raised to help keep sediment and water off of turf in this area.

Looking back at 5 tee at the large retention.

Preparing for the cart path extension between the driving range house and 18 green.  This should now ease congestion in this area, allowing for two carts to pass.