Friday, August 19, 2016

G.R.P. Update 8/19/2016

We've officially got grass on the putting greens. With a week of watering under our belts, we are beginning to see germination on the greens that were seeded last week.  Landscapes Unlimited finalized the prep work on holes 15, 16, 4-7 and they have been seeded today.  Landscapes is wrapping up the last install of SubAir outfall drainage behind 18 green, and has also cored, graded and installed drainage and gravel blanket on the nursery green located behind the tennis courts. Modification and expansion of the tees on 16 and 2 has also begun, as well as beginning dirt work on the drainage project on 4 and 5.  

The agronomy department installed a large drainage system on 7 approach/fairway to replace the non-functioning drainage in this area and remove excessive drain basins.  Sloping of the right approach was improved to facilitate a cleaner appearance and improve surface drainage.  An additional 75 tons of sand was applied to 4 and 7 drainage to replace lost sand and repair the damage left from the last monsoon storm.  Additional sand will be required as needed to help smooth the fairway.  Work continued repairing weak and damaged areas with new sod and will continue next week, which should hopefully wrap up the majority of sod work needed.

Seedlings beginning to emerge on the putting green.

Darin Brown from Landscapes Unlimited measuring drainage for the nursery.

Francisco doing an excellent job seeding 15 green.

Much like overseed, our greens will require almost constant irrigation in order to encourage germination and seedling development.

Black tee on 16 getting stripped in order to raise and expand.

Improved drainage on 7 approach and fairway.

Some of the excessive and non-functioning drain basins being removed on 7 approach.

Improved drainage and grade to the right side of 7 approach.

Finished project on 7 approach.

An uninvited guest "dropped" into our newly seeded 16th green. Once removed, the damaged surface was leveled and re-seeded.